Idioms, Slang and Phrasal Verbs

Expressions with “Mouth”

Choose the correct answer.

Sam is always waiting for his next paycheck. He really lives ________.

  1. hand to mouth
  2. mouth to mouth
  3. with his foot in his mouth

You do a lot of talking, but I don’t see you doing anything. You should really ____________.

  1. mouth the words
  2. put your money where your mouth is
  3. live hand to mouth

Joe was in really bad car accident and he almost died. The paramedics had to give him ________.

  1. foot in mouth
  2. hand to mouth
  3. mouth to mouth

I have a terrible voice, so I didn’t sing during the national anthem. I was just __________.

  1. mouthing the words
  2. mouthing off
  3. washing my mouth out with soap

I can’t believe I said that! I was so embarrassed. I had to put _____________

  1. my foot in my my mouth
  2. my hand in my mouth
  3. my money where my mouth was.

You always use bad words. I should __________.

  1. wash your mouth out with soap
  2. give you mouth to mouth
  3. give you a new mouth

Kris never listens to his his parents and he often talks back. He’s always _________.

  1. mouthing the words
  2. mouthing off
  3. putting his foot in his mouth

I was so surprised by the news that ___________.

  1. my mouth hit the floor
  2. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut
  3. I wanted to mouth off
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