Idioms and Expressions: High or Tall

Choose high or tall to complete each of the following sentences.

What? You want me to read 300 pages by Friday? That’s a _____ order.

You always act like you’re better than everyone else. Get off your ______ horse.

Put the baby in his ______ chair. It’s time for dinner.

Don’t worry if she gets upset. She’s just a little bit ______-strung.

No, I don’t really think that he caught an alligator while he was fishing. That’s just one of his ______ tales.

You got a 600 on the TOEFL? Give me a _______ five!

Karin likes men who are over six feet _____.

Leslie doesn’t like to wear ______ heels because they hurt her feet.

Your computer has a Dual Core processor? Wow! That’s pretty _____ tech!

Mt. Everest is a _______ mountain.

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