Use These Words:







to bring

to do

to explore

to give

to give

to take

to understand



Yasu and Sun-Young wanted to go shopping. Yasu needed to buy a jacket because he had forgotten __________ one from Japan. They asked their teacher to recommend a good place to buy second-hand clothes. She told them to go to Haight Street. That afternoon, they took the #71 bus to Haight Street. As soon as they got off the bus, Yasu was cold. Sun-Young offered __________ him her jacket, but he refused __________ it. He regretted not __________ his leather jacket from home, but he couldn’t stand __________ a jacket from a girl.

As they were entering the thrift store, a homeless Vietnam veteran in a wheelchair asked them __________ him money. They pretended not __________ him. Inside the thrift store, there was lots of great stuff! Sun-Young bought two hats and a red dress. Yasu found a cool Levi’s jacket. __________ the clerk was difficult because he had three piercings in his lip and two in his tongue.

Now that Yasu was warm, they decided __________ Haight Street and nearby Golden Gate Park. They stopped at a lot of different shops. Yasu even considered __________ a tattoo, but he decided to wait. At Golden Gate Park, they saw about fifty people dancing and playing drums. __________ to the music was a lot of fun. __________ for the #71 bus home was not fun.

Overall, they really enjoyed __________ Haight Street and agreed __________ all of their clothes shopping at second-hand stores–except for underwear. After that, they avoided __________ clothes at the expensive department stores on Union Square.

Yasu and Sun-Young decide to go _________ for a jacket

  1. for shopping
  2. shopping
  3. to shop
  4. for shop

Yasu was cold because he had forgotten __________ a jacket from Japan.

  1. bringing
  2. his bringing
  3. bring
  4. to bring

Their teacher recommended _________ to Haight Street.

  1. going
  2. to go
  3. them to go
  4. them going

Yasu regretted ___________ his jacket.

  1. not bringing
  2. not brought
  3. not to bring
  4. to not bring

It was difficult __________ the clerk at the thrift store.

  1. to understood
  2. having to understanding
  3. having understanding for
  4. to understand

_________ the clerk was difficult.

  1. To understand
  2. Understanding
  3. Understand
  4. Understood

____________ for the bus was not fun.

  1. Wait
  2. To wait
  3. Having waiting
  4. Waiting

Sun-Young avoids __________ underwear at the thrift store.

  1. buy
  2. to buy
  3. buying
  4. bought

It is expensive _________ in department stores.

  1. to shopping
  2. shop
  3. to shop
  4. to not shop

Yasu and Sun-Young recommend __________ to the Haight for used clothing.

  1. you to go
  2. for to go
  3. to go
  4. going
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