Grammar and Vocabulary Quiz – Weddings

David and Nicole Get Married: Weddings in the U.S.

Choose the correct answer.

David and Nicole decided to get married. Which sentence does NOT mean the same thing?

  1. They decided to tie the knot.
  2. They ‘re getting hitched.
  3. They’re signing on the line.
  4. They’re taking the big plunge.

Nicole’s best friend is planning her bridal shower. In the U.S., what happens at a bridal shower?

  1. The bride (and groom) receive presents.
  2. Everyone throws rice.
  3. Everyone takes a shower.
  4. The bride (and groom) get married.

What event does David’s best man organize?

  1. the wedding
  2. the bachelor party
  3. the reception
  4. the pre-nuptial agreement

All of the following people take part in David and Nicole’s wedding ceremony EXCEPT:

  1. the maid of honor
  2. the bride’s mother
  3. the best man
  4. a flowergirl

All of the following will happen during their wedding ceremony EXCEPT:

  1. David and Nicole kissing
  2. exchanging of the vows
  3. exchanging of the rings
  4. David and Nicole shaking hands

All of the following will happen at their reception EXCEPT:

  1. toasting the bride and groom
  2. opening the presents
  3. dancing
  4. drinking

After the wedding, what will David and Nicole do?

  1. They’ll return to the Nicole’s parents’ house.
  2. They’ll go back to work.
  3. They’ll go to Thailand on their honeymoon.
  4. They’ll take a shower.

What will people call David and Nicole in the months after their wedding?

  1. Doves
  2. Newlyweds
  3. Widows
  4. Divorcees
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