Use these words:


check-out counter

express lane


on sale

shopping cart


Karin and Leslie need to buy food, so they go to the __________ . The name of their supermarket is Safeway. Before they go into the store, Karin gets a __________. They walk up and down the __________. They’re hungry, so they choose a lot of different food: soba noodles, pasta, chocolate, nuts, crackers, tomatoes. Karin also buys some cat food for Kitty. Luckily, cat food is __________, so it’s cheaper than usual. Finally, Karin and Leslie get in line at the __________ (they are buying a lot of things, so they can’t use the __________). After the cashier gives them their change, they take their __________ to the car and go home. Now it’s time to eat!

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