Interactive Restaurant Activity

Part One: Thinking about the Topic

In your opinion, what qualities make a restaurant good? Other than serving good food, how important are service and atmosphere?

Part Two: Vocabulary

The ambience there is great. I always feel really comfortable and at ease.

  1. a really good emotion; happiness
  2. a feeling or mood; atmosphere
  3. the way a place is decorated

I like that room becuase of the sky lights. They let in a lot of sunlight in the late afternoon.

  1. a “window” in the roof or ceiling
  2. a very large window
  3. a big lamp in the center of a room

Part Three: Writing Exercise

Write down your answer to the following questions:

Tell about one of your favorite restaurants. Where is it? Describe the ambience. What kind of food do they serve there? Is there one dish that you usually order?

Have you ever worked in a restaurant? If so, where? Tell about your experience there. Describe the job the customers, and the ambience there.

Have you ever cooked Vietnamese food? If so, tell about one dish you’ve made. What are the ingredients? How is it prepared?

In the United States, a 15-20% tip is expected at most restaurants. At many places, 20% is standard. What do you think of this?

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