TOEFLesque Quiz – Public Transit in San Francisco

Error Correction

Each of the following sentences has one mistake. Choose the INCORRECT part of each sentence.

What I’ve learned is what you can’t rely on public transportation in San Francisco.

  1. What I’ve learned
  2. what
  3. on
  4. in

Sometimes you are waiting 40 minutes before a bus finally comes.

  1. Sometimes
  2. are waiting
  3. a
  4. comes

While you finally get on the bus, it’s really crowded and you have to stand.

  1. while
  2. get on
  3. really
  4. have to

Because of it’s so crowded, you can’t read or take a nap.

  1. Because of
  2. so
  3. can’t
  4. take a nap

Often, the bus stops every stop to let new people get on.

  1. Often
  2. stops every
  3. to let
  4. get on

Rarely I have been on an empty bus in San Francisco.

  1. Rarely
  2. I have
  3. on
  4. an

I’ll admit that I do tend exaggerate a little.

  1. that
  2. I do
  3. tend exaggerate
  4. a little

However, I’m serious when I say that public transit of San Francisco is in need of improvement.

  1. However
  2. when
  3. of
  4. of improvement
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