Reading Quiz

Dave Turns into a Potato

Read the story below and then choose the correct answer below. Try to answer all the questions without reading the story over again.

One morning, Dave woke up feeling kind of strange. He pulled back his sheets and discovered he had become a potato. His skin was all brown and dirty. And he had eyes poking out all over.

He tried to get out of bed, but he fell on the floor. Then he rolled under his bureau. He heard his mother calling. “Dave, what’s going on in there?” He could not speak, because he had no mouth.

His mother knocked on his door, then entered the room. “Dave, where are you?” she asked. The family’s dog, Barney, stuck his nose under the bureau and barked. “What is it, Barney?” his mother asked.

Dave’s mother got down on her knees and looked under the bureau. “Oh, a potato! Good. Now we have something for breakfast!” She grabbed the potato and hurried off to the kitchen to make Dave his breakfast–or, rather, to make a breakfast out of Dave.

What happened to Dave?

  1. He ate too many potatoes.
  2. He became a potato.
  3. The family dog got mad at him.

What body part did Dave have a lot of?

  1. eyes
  2. mouths
  3. noses

Why didn’t Dave say anything?

  1. He was too afraid to speak.
  2. His mouth was full of potatoes.
  3. He didn’t have a mouth.

Why was Barney barking?

  1. He was hungry too.
  2. He knew Dave was under the bureau.
  3. He was mad at Dave.

What was Dave’s mother going to do with him?

  1. They were going to make breakfast together.
  2. She was going to make him breakfast.
  3. She was going to cook him for breakfast.
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