Prepositions of Location

Making Dinner

Choose the correct answer.

Karin: We can't make spaghetti without garlic. Where is the garlic?

Karl: It's ____ the table.

A on B in C at D of

Karin: I don't see it. I only see tomatoes.

Karl: It's _______ the tomatoes.

A in B next to C next D into

Karin: It's not here.

Karl: Oh, look ____ the refrigerator.

A under B at C into D in

Karin: I don't see any garlic.

Karl: Look ______ the beer.

A at B behind C in D through

Karin: It's not there.

Karl: Look on the floor. Maybe it's _______ the table.

A on B above C under D in

Karin: No, it's not there either.

Karl: Maybe it fell _______ the stove and the refrigerator. Look there.

A on B in C under D between

Karl: Did you find it?

Karin: Yes, but it wasn't ______ the refrigerator and the stove.

A in B under C between D from

Karl: Where was it?

Karin: It wasn't ______ the refrigerator.

A at B of C for D in

Karl: Was it _____ the table?

A to B on C at D for 10) Karin: No, it was _____ my hand!

A from B for C into D in
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