Verb Tense Review

Karin’s Knee Surgery

Choose the best verb tense to complete each sentence.

Karin ______ to the hospital the other day to have knee surgery.

  1. has gone
  2. had gone
  3. went
  4. goes

She ________ knee surgery three times before–in 1988, 1989 and 1994.

  1. has had
  2. was having
  3. had had
  4. have

While she __________ for the nurse, her flatmate Leslie called her on her cell phone.

  1. waited
  2. was waiting
  3. wait
  4. had waited

The nurse arrived and _______ her to her room.

  1. taked
  2. will take
  3. taking
  4. took

Before Karin __________ into the operating room, the nurse wrote “yes” on her right thigh, above her bad knee.

  1. was taken
  2. was taking
  3. is taken
  4. took

The doctor put her under (“put under” means to give someone drugs to make them sleep) so that she __________ them cutting her knee open.

  1. won’t feel
  2. didn’t feel
  3. wouldn’t feel
  4. would feel

Three hours later, she_________ in the recovery room.

  1. waked up
  2. wake up
  3. has woken up
  4. woke up

Leslie had to work late, so she __________ pick Karin up from the hospital.

  1. couldn’t
  2. can’t
  3. wasn’t able to
  4. didn’t could

Karin called Karl because he_______ that he would pick her up if Leslie couldn’t.

  1. had said
  2. said
  3. would say
  4. will have said

Right now, while Karin is lying in bed telling him about the operation, Karl ________ this quiz.

  1. types
  2. is typing
  3. typed
  4. type
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