Reading Quiz

At the Bus Depot

Read the following dialogue and then answer the questions following it based on what you read.

Ken: I’d like a round-trip ticket to Los Angeles.

Clerk: What time? Buses leave every hour on the hour.

Ken: Well, it’s 2:30 now. I’ll take one for the 3:00.

Clerk: That’ll be $90.

Ken: Do you have a student discount?

Clerk: $70 with a valid student ID.

Ken: Here’s my student ID.

Clerk: Cash or charge?

Ken: Visa. Here you go.

Clerk: Sign here. The bus leaves from gate 111, downstairs.

Ken: Oh, is there a bathroom on the bus?

Clerk: Yes, there is.

Ken: And what time does the bus arrive in Los Angeles?

Clerk: 11 p.m.

Ken: Thanks a lot.

Clerk: You’re welcome. Have a good trip.

At which time is there NOT a bus for Los Angeles?

  1. 4:30
  2. 5:00
  3. 3:00

How does Ken pay for the trip?

  1. cash
  2. check
  3. charge

How long is the trip to Los Angeles?

  1. eight hours
  2. eight and a half hours
  3. three hours

What does Ken need to show to get a discount?

  1. his Visa card
  2. Identification that shows he’s a student.
  3. a valid I.D.

How will Ken return from Los Angeles?

  1. There isn’t enough information to answer this question.
  2. He’s going to fly home.
  3. He’ll take the bus.
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