TOEFLesque Quiz – Jury Duty in the US

Each of the following sentences has one mistake. Select the INCORRECT part of each sentence.

The jury system is a integral part of American justice.

  1. system
  2. is
  3. a integral part
  4. justice

Juries decide whether a defendant is guilty or no guilty.

  1. whether
  2. a
  3. is
  4. no guilty

Everyone on the jury must be agreed.

  1. everyone
  2. on
  3. must
  4. be agreed

In US, most juries are comprised of twelve people.

  1. In US
  2. most
  3. comprised of
  4. people

These people are chosen at random from the general populate.

  1. These
  2. are chosen
  3. at random
  4. populate

Anyone whom is registered to vote can be summoned for jury service.

  1. whom
  2. to vote
  3. can be summoned
  4. service

Once summoned, prospective jurors report to the courthouse, where they may be select to serve on a trial.

  1. summoned
  2. to
  3. where
  4. select

Those people who are not selected must be continued to fulfill their civic obligation.

  1. those people
  2. who are
  3. be continued
  4. to fulfill

For two weeks, these people are on “stand-by,” which means they must call to the courthouse every day.

  1. For two weeks
  2. which means
  3. call to
  4. every day

They may even be required to return to courthouse.

  1. may
  2. be required
  3. to return
  4. to courthouse

11) Though most of prospective jurors do not serve on trials, their presence is a critical part of the American legal system.

  1. though
  2. most of
  3. is
  4. legal system
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