Vocabulary Quiz – Who Am I?

Jobs and Professions

Choose the correct answer.

I bring you your dinner in a restaurant. After dinner I bring the check. Remember to leave me a tip.

  1. a cook
  2. a waiter
  3. a hostess
  4. a busperson

If you have a problem with your car, I can help fix it.

  1. a mechanic
  2. a doctor
  3. a car salesman
  4. a physicist

If you need to find a book, come see me and I’ll help you find it. I might be standing behind the circulation desk.

  1. a teacher
  2. a professor
  3. a librarian
  4. a pilot

If you want to buy a loaf of bread, you’ll have to pay me on your way out of the supermarket.

  1. a lawyer
  2. an engineer
  3. a cashier
  4. a salesperson

I am in the army. I carry a gun.

  1. a lawyer
  2. a sailor
  3. a soldier
  4. a police officer

I write books and novels.

  1. an actor
  2. an author
  3. a journalist
  4. a reporter

I write the articles you read in the newspaper.

  1. an author
  2. a journalist
  3. a reporter
  4. an actor

When you ride on an airplane, I’m the person flying.

  1. a mechanic
  2. a flight attendant
  3. a ticket agent
  4. a pilot

I teach courses at a high school.

  1. a teacher
  2. a director
  3. a professor
  4. a librarian

I bring you your drinks on an airplane.

  1. a waitress
  2. a flight attendant
  3. a ticket agent
  4. a pilot
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