Oral Presentations: Do’s & Don’ts

  • Be organized! The more organized and focused your presentation is, the more relaxed you’ll feel.
  • Breathe! It helps you relax.
  • Don’t try to cover too much material. Remember you only have 7-10 minutes.
  • Do speak clearly, slowly and at an appropriate level for your audience.
  • Use vocabulary that is appropriate for your audience. If you use new vocabulary, make sure you explain it and write it on the board.
  • Do make eye contact with all members of your audience.
  • Do move around.
  • Do use hand gestures.
  • Do allow the audience to ask questions at the end of your presentation.
  • Don’t read your presentation. You can use short notes, but reading a presentation is unnatural; also, it makes it very difficult for your audience to follow.
  • Do practice your presentation with a partner or in front of the mirror.
  • Do remember to thank your audience and introduce the next speaker.
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