Lesson Plan: Entertainment

Level: High-intermediate through advanced

Activity Time: approximately 3 hours

Materials: multiple copies of the SF Weekly (one for each group or pair), photocopies of the table of contents page, and one MUNI Metro map to hang on the wall

Preparation: Remember to pick up multiple copies of the SF Weekly. Then you’ll need enough time to familiarize yourself with the Weekly’s format and make copies of the table of contents. You’ll also need a few minutes to print up PartyLand’s conversation card set, copy, and cut up.

Skills: Scanning, vocabulary and fluency development, writing

Warm-up Conversation

Time: 20-30 minutes

Use Conversation Card Set: Entertainment. If you need suggestions on how to use these cards, look at Ideas for Using Conversation Questions.

Pre-reading Activity

Time: 15-20 minutes

Pass out copies of the San Francisco Weekly’s table of contents, one per student. With the class, review any key vocabulary. To familiarize students with The Weekly’s layout, ask them the following questions and add a few of your own:

  • Where can you find music listings for Friday night?
  • Where can you find the addresses and telephone numbers of bars and clubs?
  • Where can you find summaries of current movies?

Scavenger Hunt

Time: 60 minutes

Directions: Put the students into small groups and distribute one copy of the scavenger hunt per group. Go through the scavenger hunt and explain any difficult vocabulary. (Note: If you think this scavenger hunt is too long, tell students to choose seven of the questions rather than doing the whole thing.) Hang a MUNI metro map in front of the room. Let students know that they will have to get up and refer to the map to answer certain questions. As each group works through the scavenger hunt, circulate and assist as necessary.

Follow-up Discussion (or Writing)

Time: 45-60 minutes

Write the following assignment on the board:

You and your group have $500 to spend this weekend. Using the SF Weekly, decide what you’re going to do. Where will you eat? Where will you go at night? During the day? Elect one person in your group to present a brief summary (with cost breakdown) of your weekend plans. (Note: It’s a good idea to assign roles to every group member: discussion leader, secretary, presenter, etc.)

As an alternative to having students present on their weekend, assign summary part as written group work. After providing feedback and correction, you can post these around the room and have students circulate to read about their classmates’ plans. As another alternative, you could give the summary part as an individual homework assignment.

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