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Welcome to the Wyzant English Help Section! Here, you will find many resources to help you with that pesky grammar rule or give you the writing tip you need to make your essay top-notch! Many of these resources were submitted by Wyzant English tutors, so their information is tried and true. Check out the English resources listed below, and let your favorite English tutor know if you have any questions!


Our English as a Second Language section provides helpful lessons for new English learners. Learn useful tips for improving your pronunciation and building your vocabulary. In this section, you’ll also find answers to common questions like “what is an irregular verb?


Dive into our extensive etymology section and learn the stories behind some of the most interesting words in English. Want to know why we call them sandwiches? Where does a word like “sesquipedalian” come from? Read on to find out.


Not sure whether to use “affect” or “effect?” Want to know what the difference between a direct and indirect object is? Check out our grammar section for helpful tips and references that will make your usage of grammar shine!


Confused about when to use a period or a comma? Can’t tell which words need an apostrophe and which are just plural? Check out our section on punctuation – we’ll help you end your sentences the way they should end!


Stuck writing an essay for an English or Literature class and have no idea where to begin? Check out our writing tips from exceptional Wyzant tutors and get back on track in no time! We can help you start an outline or help you structure a five paragraph essay. We even have a section for commonly asked questions about the MLA format!

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