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Most language learning resources focus on the process of what YOU can do to learn a language. But what I'm interested in is how a language is an organic, living, naturally occurring phenomenon, like rivers, trees, and humans, and what that has to do with efficient language learning, as well as what it has to do with the nature of life/God/the universe (as a bonus). The mathematician... read more


Ideas for Using Authentic Texts with Low-level ESL Classes Are you sick of using contrived reading texts and dialogues in your low-level classes? Don't be afraid to bring in authentic reading materials. On top of fostering practical skills, students get a charge out of talking about something real. Here are some suggestions: Supermarket Ads--There are a lot of possible activities... read more


ESL Conversation Question - ESL Conversation Practice Lessons One of the most difficult tasks for ESL teachers is to teach students to converse meaningfully in English. ESL students have been speaking foreign languages for many years, and it may be difficult for them to make the necessary adjustments to speak English comprehensibly and fluently. ESL teachers can help their students communicate... read more


Modals - Conversation Question Cards Can you do anything creative? For example, can you sing, dance, play a musical instrument, paint, draw, or write poetry? Name three things you may not do in this class. What could the opposite sex do to make your life easier? What are some things you should have done last week, but didn't do? What must you do in your country to obtain a driver's license... read more

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