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High School: Science Resources


Imagine being a college admissions officer and reviewing hundreds or thousands of applicants that all look very similar. How do you make yourself stand out from all the others. One way is to do something special and have that work published. Mechanisms for high school students to become published in science do exist. These include Profiles in Science and Current Topics in the Biomedical and... read more


Biology Lessons & Help Does the thought of learning more about yourself, the world, and all living things excite you? Do you want to know what you're made of and how it functions? Then biology is the subject for you! Biology literally means "the study of life," so you'll gain a much better understanding of how people, other animals, and plants live and support themselves... read more


I was excited on Tuesday, July 16th, 2013. This was my third meeting with this student and I finally had a breakthrough with him. On the first meeting it was clear that he saw Algebra I almost as a foreign language. I began with one of the test packet, and had him do 10 questions and reviewed the questions he had done wrong. So this continued for a while, and of course sometimes he would say that... read more


The Summer session has just begun. The stress has already begun to set in, but this week I had a break through with a few of the students. So this is my second week with a student who I am tutoring for both Algebra I and Earth Science. So far he seems stronger in Earth Science but still needs much practice, before I can be very confident about his ability to pass the Regents exam in August. After... read more

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