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Drosophila, vestigial wings (vg) is a recessive autosomal mutant allele, and yellow body (y) is a recessive X-linked mutant allele. The wild-type alleles, vg+ and y+ control normal wings and...


Want to be published? I am the editor of three on-line science journals, published through the CK-12 Foundation ( These journals, Understanding Biodiversity, Profiles in Science (early 2016), and Current Trends in the Biomedical Sciences (late 2016) are opportunities for students to become published.  I am available to assist students nationwide through the research,... read more


I was just thinking about this questions yesterday. Being a scientist, the comment was made that when you love science, you love the exciting and you love the tedious. So, I have my five things... 1. Make it personal. I start by listening to the student and what gets them excited and what they are fearful of in that environment. For example: I have a Math student who loves basketball... read more

i have two Macaw pairs , a Blue And Gold Macaw Pair And A Hybrid Pair , Harlequin and Catalina , i have noticed recently that the Harlequin (Male) is Mating with the Blue And Gold (Female) i searched...

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