Short I Vowel Workbook

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This 18-page workbook helps students master the short I vowel sound with a number of worksheets that include spelling, writing, reading, rhyming and blending practice.


Hi, Nazinga.
I looked at one of your workbooks and it is beautiful!   Thank you.  (I will tell you if I decide to use it with a 5-year old I am tutoring.)   BTW, where are you located?    I am in Fresno, CA  (USA)  
Thank you Beti! I'm in Hollywood FL. Let me know how it works out with your student.
Hi Nazinga,
Your workbook is awesome. Thank you for sharing it! I will use it with one of my students.
:) Mh
Your workbooks are awesome! Wanted to let you know and correct myself, by putting this sentence in the plural form!