Spanish/English Vocabulary - Popular Phrase Sheet

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A handy guide for parents and kids interested in learning Spanish conversational phrases and simple verbs. Designed specifically for 1-5th grade students in dual-language immersion classrooms.  There are blank spaces for learner to add more Spanish words that they hear.  It is for beginners, not for more advanced students who have already mastered the basics. 


As a Spanish instructor myself, I must say, this is great for beginners!
Dear Sarah,
Thank you for the worksheet! It is great!  
:) Mh
Hello Sarah!
Please see the following suggestions (in bold) to revise "Daily Spanish Phrases".
1 + 1 = 2
Uno más uno es dos. & Uno más uno es igual a dos.
1 – 1 = 0
Uno menos uno es cero. & Uno menos  uno es igual a cero.
We have four hours left.
Nos quedan cuatro horas más. & Tenemos cuatro horas más.

We go back to school in a month.
Volveremos a la escuela en un mes. & Regresamos a la escula en un mes.

I have been studying Piano for one year.
Yo he estado estudiado piano por un año. & He estudiado piano por un año.
Beatriz N.
Very useful Sarah!
Despite some minor mistakes, you have nailed many common Spanish phrases and collocations.
Thank you again.