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Find x if sin(x-6) = cos(3x-4)

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Is it possible to have two solutions to this problem?  Here is how I went about it.
sin(30) = cos(60), therefore:
x-6=30      and      3x-4=60
x=36         and      3x=64
The equation has to work for each solution value.
The solutions to the equation are the zeros of the graphed function; there are an infinite number of them.
Since 6 and -4 do not have degree symbols, you have to work in radians.
sin(30 radians) ≈ -0.988031624092862
cos(60 radians) ≈ -0.952412980415156
IF the equation were sin(x°-6°) = cos(3x°-4°):
then if x°-6°=30°, x°=36°, and 3x°-4°=3*36°-4°=108°-4°=104°.
sin(36°) ≈ 0.587785252292473
cos(104°) ≈ -0.241921895599668.