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Malapropism Definition A malapropism is the misuse of a word, usually unintentionally, involving replacing the intended word with a similar sounding word with a very different meaning. Oftentimes, the incorrectly used word is humorous. Malapropisms can also be referred to as Dogberryisms. Etymology Malapropism comes from the French phrase mal à propos, which means “ill-suited... read more


Etymology Most vocabulary words are derived from Latin or Greek etymologies. Here you will find access to phobias (fears, terrors, dreads), manias, and many other words listed in thematic units of English vocabulary words. Why learn about word origins or etymologies? The etymology of a word traces its existence and development throughout history and usually through multiple languages... read more


Cistron noun [ cis + trans +on] (1957) : a segment of DNA that is equivalent to a gene and that specifies a single functional unit ( as a protein or enzyme) QUEST : Use this in a complete sentence and use it as an adjective. Have fun !