Electrons Resources

    Nitric ooxide is a major air pollution produced by auto emissions.  How many electrons are being shared between the oxygen and nitrogen atoms?                                   •                                        ...


Electron Delocalization Written by tutor Amelia P. Part I: Resonance The delocalization of electrons can be complicated, confusing and confounding! How do those little dots move about the molecule on my paper and what does all of it mean? On paper, we only estimate the location of electrons. In reality they occupy areas of space around atoms called orbitals. Further complicating things,... read more


Electrolysis Written by tutor John B. An electrochemical cell is a contained system in which a redox reaction occurs in conjunction with the passage of electric current. There are two types of electrochemical cells, galvanic cells (also known as voltaic cells), and electrolytic cells. Both kinds of electrochemical cells contain two electrodes, which are essentially two pieces of metal... read more