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Draw a picture of the class experiment from an illustration in their books. Draw a series of pictures of what happened in the experiment that was conducted in class. Color...


    It has been my experience as a student teacher supervisor, while observing student teachers, there are instances when a student teacher is in a more supportive role; small group instruction or one to one with a student. There have also been times when I have seen that the Student Teacher's role was rather restricted. Before classroom teachers sign up to be a cooperating teacher for... read more

am married and i am is 26yrs old. I am 12passed with nutrition science. Now i want to do carreroriented higher studies. Which subject or stream do i go with? And remembering my age what should i do...

So I go to opf girls college and I dont know if its college is that good enough.Majority of the students are going to punjab college.But I dont know if thats better for me .Plz help!


What's Your Mindset? It May Shape Your Future! Successful students: "I go to tutoring and I practice a lot. I do many extra problems before each test. I am ultimately responsible for my own learning and success. I need to spend as much time as I need until I can work through all of the problems that will be on my test. The material is hard, but that means I need to dedicate more time... read more


To my fellow educators and students,   I know that it is very tempting to give your students answers to their questions immediately, but sometimes it's best to let a student struggle a little. Asking students why they are doing what they are doing can help students to make lasting connections that go beyond that next test or ACT exam. This approach can be frustrating for both teachers... read more


I am not interested in following the books to teach a lesson; I am interested in getting students to be excited about the work that they do.  I want my students to change.  I want my students to learn how to put their work into action.   If you haven't seen this video - - you should!

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