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According to the Nielsen Company, 30% of U.S. households have a digital video recorder. Suppose a random sample of 15 households was taken. The researcher is interested in computing probabilities...

a) Suppose X is uniformly distributed between 0 and 1. Find the distribution of Y where Y = a X + b. b) Using the result in (a) and the function [] such that [S] = the rounded value of...


Probability Distributions A probability distribution is a mapping of all the possible values of a random variable to their corresponding probabilities for a given sample space. The probability distribution is denoted as which can be written in short form as The probability distribution can also be referred to as a set of ordered pairs of outcomes and their probabilities... read more


Introduction to Probability Distributions - Random Variables A random variable is defined as a function that associates a real number (the probability value) to an outcome of an experiment. In other words, a random variable is a generalization of the outcomes or events in a given sample space. This is possible since the random variable by definition can change so we can use the same... read more