Decimals Resources


Multiplying Decimals Multiplying decimal numbers is very similar to multiplying 2 digit by 2 digit (or 2 digit by 3 digit, etc) numbers, but you have to remember a couple key points. First, start out as you would with a normal multiplication problem. For example, let’s say your problem looks like this: You would start out multiplying the 4 by the 5, then the 4 by the 3, like... read more


Division with Decimals Another type of division you’ll encounter is division with decimals in both the divisor and the dividend. It might look something like this: In this situation, you move the decimal place the number of spaces in the divisor until the decimal is at the end of the number; you move the decimal the same number of spaces in the dividend: this does NOT necessarily... read more


Hey everyone! School year is about to start, and that means buying school supplies.  Whether your student is just starting kindergarten or going into high school buying school supplies is great math practice.  Give your child a budget, and help them stick to it when buying supplies.  For older students help them with percentages by figuring out discounts on school clothes. ... read more