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Have you ever looked at online computer ads, or the shelf at the local Big-Box Retailer, and said "They Don't have exactly what I want/need!" - If this is the case, a Custom Built Computer may be the right solution to the problem.   The 1st step in a Custom Build is determining the exact client's needs. In my "Daily Driver", I knew I needed 4 Monitors in a 2x2... read more

Design a system that sounds a buzzer inside a home whenever motion outside is detected at night. Assume a motion sensor has an output M that indicates whether motion is detected (M=1 means motion detected) and a light sensor with output L that indicates if light is detected (L=1 means light is detected)...


Google Drive makes it easy for me to access my files no matter what device I am on – my home computer, work computer, iPad, smartphone, or a computer anywhere I visit. I keep my favorite recipes, photos, instructional guides, and a variety of professional and personal documents in the cloud where I can access them from any location with Internet connectivity.     In addition... read more

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