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It’s 5pm on Sunday evening and you decide it’s time to break out your 1st Java assignment, which is due later that evening at 12am. No big deal, you have plenty of time! What can’t you do in seven hours? I mean that’s like at least 40 games of Halo. You stall another hour (playing Halo) until six 0clock at which point you decide you better get started just in case. You glanced at the problem earlier... read more


INTENTION: You have a basket. You want to add Sandwiches and Sodas while keeping a separate list for each item that are added to the Basket. You don't want the user to worry about two separate functions, addSandwich( ) and addSodas( ). You want to make the "add" easy for the user, so you decide to abstract away the design of your add function. All good.   You derive... read more

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