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Math Student's Civil Rights   I have the right to learn Math (Math is learnable like other subjects) I have a right to make mistakes, erase then, and try again (Failure points to what I have not learned yet) I have the right to ask for help (asking for help is a great decision) I have the right to ask questions when I don't understand (understanding is the primary goal) I have the right to ask questions until I understand (perseverance is priceless) I have the right to receive help and not feel stupid for receiving it (asking for help is natural) I have the right to not like some math concepts or disciplines (i.e. trigonometry, statistics, differential equations, etc.) I have the right to define success as learning no matter how I feel about Math or supporters I have the right to reduce negative self-talk & feelings I have the right to be treated as a person capable of learning I have the right to assess a helper's ability to... read more

I respect both your time and mine. As such, the following cancellation policy will go into effect on 10/14/20. If you need to cancel: If you cancel at least 12 hours before your scheduled lesson, there will be no charge and we can reschedule for a better time. If you cancel within 4-12 hours before your scheduled lesson, there will be a cancellation fee of 50% of the lesson price. If you cancel less than 4 hours before your scheduled lesson, there will be a cancellation fee of 75% of the lesson price. My minimum lesson time is 1 hour. If you arrive late to a lesson, need to leave early, or don’t have enough material for an hour, I will still charge for the entire hour. If you do not show up within 15 minutes of the lesson start time, I reserve the right to consider it a ‘no-show’ and charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the lesson price. If you are canceling because of an emergency or similar, I will take that into consideration when assessing a... read more

I am a new tutor so a few days ago when l received a response to one of my first applications, l was very excited. This "student" requested that we talk on phone to finalize the arrangements for date and time.   I told him since l was home on spring break, he could call me on my land line but he wrote back requesting my cell telling him that when l am at home reception is very poor on my cell phone.  He kept insisting on getting my cellphone instead, l was puzzled why.  I never heard back from him.   A day later l got an email from Wyzant that they had determined this not to be a true student inquiry.   I have not figured out yet what this fake student was after.   Can anyone tell me?   Just be aware. Christine M.

WyzAnt allows you to use their custom-built tutoring platform for online lessons. I have found this far superior to Skype, and comparable to many commercial, expensive web meeting platforms, and it's specifically designed for tutoring. While there are many features, and WyzAnt's materials cover them extensively, I want to point out something I've used that has greatly benefited my own use and, I hope, the experience of my students.    I own a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet, which I bought to annotate screencasts for a statistics app that I'm developing. A use case I didn't intend was online tutoring. WyzAnt's platform has a whiteboard with the ability to create objects, drop in files, add text, even Wolfram|Alpha output, to a screen both parties can see. However, the freehand drawing function looks very ugly if used with a mouse: it resembles a child's chicken scratch. Not exactly the professional look you want as a tutor.    Using a graphics tablet... read more

There are tutors out there charging less than $15 per hr for tutoring in Engineering, Really..I am getting prospects that are trying to negotiate with me an hourly rate at or below that. This is unfair competition, and if you are desperate enough to get students that way, then you should not tutor as you are driving the value of the profession way down..Then I get notification from Wyzant that I should be $10 at or below that rate,,,What a disgrace!!! 

I couldn't find any references to this tool in the blogs or forums, so I wanted to put this out there.   I use A Web Whiteboard (AWW) found at for all my online tutoring needs. No download, registration, or install necessary... and it's completely free! It also has zero ads or any other clutter you might associate with any free tool. It appears the developers behind AWW make their money by selling a premium product to those interested in that sort of thing, but I've found the free tool more than enough for my needs.   It has pretty much everything I'm looking for in a whiteboard tool: multiple colors, incredibly simple to invite students to join the board, cross-platform (any student with an internet connection can use it, and it works in every browser, as far as I can tell), and there is an option to save the images you create so you and your students can have material for reference later.   The only conceivable drawback... read more

I used to tell my student teachers: For every hour lesson that you teach in a classroom, be prepared to spend 10 hours prepping and preparing for the set up and delivery of that lesson.  The first time you teach any lesson, you will prepare all of the conceptual material, all of the interactive materials that your students will be using, and you will be adding to your knowledge of the content-- particularly if you are teaching any of the sciences.  People generally do not understand how difficult it is to fashion an hour's lesson at a professional and excellent level.     I have deep sympathy for the AP students out there who are scrambling to adapt to a changing text environment.  Meanwhile, I do not wish to present anything other than an excellent presentation online to represent myself-- or Wyzant.  This is not as simple as "turn on the cameral and talk for an hour".  Perhaps it is reasonable to ask for a FREE hour from tutors... read more

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