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I have an old Reader's Digest book here titled How To Do Just About Anything (1986). "Writing a Paper" actually merited an entire column. It's the old gather, outline, write routine for writing. It hasn't changed much. The world sure has, and so has the brevity of explanations. We are all very busy now. The funny thing is, the column to the left is on wrinkles, and the one to the right is on yoga. 

Reading is my favorite activity at any time of the year.   I especially love to read books. Books on religions, theology, art and world cultures.  I read them in hard copy, on-line, and on my Kindle. I also listen to audio-books and books-on-tape/cd's that i borrow from the library.    In the summer I enjoy reading English "tea-cozy" mysteries. "Tea-cozy" mysteries are fun with great plots and are not  too  violent. Violent books and movies give me nightmares, so I don't do "violent".   When I was younger and learning French and Spanish in high school and university, I would read magazines and books in these languages. (I still do.) Of course, I didn't understand all the vocabulary (and still don't) and needed to look up some words. I didn't look up all I didn't know, that would have taken too long, and I was impatient to get on with it.   Somehow the more I read the more I was... read more

In addition to being a tutor, I am a certified children’s yoga instructor with over 10 years of experience teaching yoga to children ages 2 to 18. I received my certification from Karma Kids Yoga in NYC and co-founded and ran the company Live Free2Be, which delivered yoga and arts enrichment programs and events, for children, families, schools and corporate clients for 4 years in the NY/NJ metropolitan area. I am currently teaching yoga at local preschools, fitness and dance centers and also provide private in-home yoga sessions. Having developed and taught yoga programs to children, I have seen firsthand the benefits of yoga and how it can nurture a child's development on all levels-mind, body and spirit. Children naturally love yoga because it is a fun, healthy form of play that promotes health, balance, concentration and self-esteem. Yoga for children is quickly gaining popularity in education and has become part of the classroom in many schools throughout the country. Yoga... read more

I notice that many of my students, especially those with ADD/ADHD, are extremely intelligent. The challenge is not in understanding the material, but in performing the work consistently and calmly enough to see results. For this blog post I will describe alternate nostril breathing, a type of pranayama (breath control) practiced in hatha yoga. This is a meditative breath that soothes the central nervous system and prepares for alert, quiet focus. Feel free to print the practice and perform it every night before studying for one hour. See how your grades (and emotions) improve! First, prepare your study materials in your designated study area. Make sure your to-do list is set for the session, you have a clock handy to time yourself and take breaks appropriately, and you have the essentials--some water, a jacket, an extra pen--so that there will be no reason to get up. Then find a nice quiet place, maybe outside watching the sunset, or snuggled into a comfy couch. Consider... read more

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