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This is the story of a certain student who faced a lot of difficulties understanding certain concepts in his class. He/She was at the point of giving up and failing that class when a deep beautiful voice called his/her name out loud, "Student!" He/She didn't understand what was going on. The voice called a second time, "Student, go to the tutoring center!" So the student walked his/her way to the student center and asked for a tutor to help.   The first tutor looked at him/her with an expression of disgust. "How can you not understand this?" the tutor asked. "It is very simple, just do this..." Confused, the student couldn't keep up with the tutor's technique. The tutor seemed to have had a bad beginning of the day and was very impatient. He also got on the top of his nerves, but always seemed to hold back. Scared, the student called onto a second tutor.   The second tutor came with an indifferent expression. He didn't... read more

I am so grateful to Wyzant and their efforts to post and rapidly inform you of potential students. However my first student's mother goggled tutoring services and Wyzant was advertised. She was able to read the profiles of possible tutors and make a selection. We were able to finalize details and I will be having my second lesson this week. I am so excited to have tutoring opportunities and Wyzant is to be complimented for establishing a viable website for tutors.

Here's another ideas that would really make the app 'over the top' as far as usefulness... 1. Allow the ability to create an invoice right in the app. This could be coupled with the timer where, at the end of the timed lesson there's a one button 'Create Invoice' option. This is then emailed to WyzAnt and copying the client, and/or the tutor.

I have been using WyzAnt for a couple of years now and it has been a great experience.  I have been tutoring since High School but I was glad when I found this site. It is very safe and reliable. Over the years I have been emailing them questions and concerns and WyzAnt always gets back to me on that day or the next. I hope to continue what I do through this website. For any new tutors out there, it is a great experience and the students are respectable and hardworking. Make sure to keep a tutor, student line if you are close to their age. Have fun and enjoy WyzAnt!

Welcome,   This digital space will serve as a journal, an archive, and a vat of advice or conclusions from my tutoring experiences. I'm setting out today to begin actively pursuing tutoring opportunities through Wyzant's program, hoping to connect with students in the Decatur, GA area who are searching for some language help.   What to expect in the posts to come: -Successes in lesson planning and activities -Failures (shameful though they may be) -- this may actually end up being the most beneficial of them all. -Tips I've gleaned from my own teaching in the past -Narrative journeys through the lessons and their intricacies   I look forward to collaborating and swapping stories with readers. So by all means, shoot me a message at any time and I'll be happy to talk!   Peace, Eric N.

I have noticed a lot of problems in the Answers list that seem not to be submitted by students.  It's apparent because the problems are too general, or not worded like a student issue.     I feel that I'm wasting my time answering questions that no one is interested in on a practical basis for his/her classes, and that my time is not well spent answering questions when no one will read the solutions.   I think Wyzant should require students to specify the school and the class that they are taking, or at least submit a learning plan if they are in a self-study program, in order to submit questions on "Answers".  This would go a long way toward eliminating extraneous questions.   I am going to stop answering questions that I think are not submitted by real students.    

So I was asked to fill out a survey in regards to whether I would recommend Wyzant.  Sixty percent of those polled said they would recommend the site- including myself.  What I don't understand is why someone would not recommend WyzAnt. For me, it has been a very positive experience and it has helped me build students.  They have paid me on time, every time; inform me when there's a new perspective student or when a student has sent an inquiry.  WyzAnt, in my opinion, has done everything right in the business sense.     And, if a tutor is not happy, why bash WyzAnt? Just don't apply for any jobs!!! 

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