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Winter break is here and that means No School!  I know how excited every student is (teachers too) to take a break from academics and instead spend time with friends and family.  Who doesn't look forward too sleeping in, relaxing, and sipping hot cocoa while watching the snow fall?  I know I do!  I also know though, that its important to keep your brain active over the break so that when schools comes around again your ready to go.  Now keeping your brain active doesn't have to mean just reading, journaling or doing puzzles (all ow which or great) but it can also mean some really fun unexpected activities that will be fun, engaging, and could include quality time together. Cook or Bake something: Everybody loves holiday cookies and yummy meals and you'll love it even more now because it keeps your student's brain sharp.  Cooking and baking requires reading and math.  Students have to read recipes (learn new vocabulary words), do measurements... read more

As a student myself, winter break is a time for relaxation, and unfortunately, to let many of the skills learned through a semester of college to slip away far more quickly than they were learned. I understand personally how easy it is to let one's brain grow dull over the winter break that we all look so forward to. So what are some ways to keep your brain sharp? And more importantly, what are some fun ways to do so that won't make you feel as though you're actually working scholastically the entire break?   Pick up a fun reading book: Reading is a great way to keep the mind sharp. It's engaging, it encourages critical thinking and imagination, and it challenges the mind to stay focused and recall facts about a story (especially if you don't read the book in one sitting!) To make this a more "social" activity, try to get a group together as a reading or book club. That way, you will all benefit from talking about the book and its contents, the storyline,... read more

Breaks from school are usually much needed and enjoyed. We get to spend time with friends and family, take that vacation that we've been planning for the past 6 months or just simply get to relax. While winter break is fun, we don't want to come back to school thinking "Huh? What is all this again?" Here are a few great ways to remain refreshed while over winter break.   1. Read a book. A couple weeks from school is a great opportunity to delve into a new world. Whether it be a mystery book or action-adventure novel, reading is a great way to keep your mind sharp. You have the chance to expand your vocabulary, discover new things and you can do it all at your own pace! Studies show that reading is not only good at keeping your mind sharp but it's healthy for your body overall. Reading is something that we do, it's an action and therefore some muscles in our body our working. It increases our attention span and makes us feel less sluggish. Instead... read more

Winter break is something I look forward to every year! There are a plethora of holidays, lots of treats, and a ton of family time. Unfortunately winter break is also a time for my brain to try its best at atrophy. It's easy peasy to forget about everything from the previous semester. Thankfully, I've figured out how to keep my brain ready for the start of the next semester. There are three areas that my brain seems to struggle with: 1. Focus-- When I get back from the break, I'm much too preoccupied with all the things that just happened (and how boring sitting in class can be) to actually listen to the lecture, read the assigned reading, or even hold a discussion. Three weeks of lounging on my own schedule makes the transition back to school schedule rough. 2. Memory-- What did I learn before break? I don't know. I mostly remember snowmen, presents, and the number of times I watched Muppet Christmas Carol.  3. Motivation-- I don't know about you, but... read more

       Over the winter break, you should continue reading your books and focus on the subjects that will be coming ahead. When I was a student, I would brush up on the new subjects that would be coming in the next semester. That way when the semester started, I was ready to answer questions and look smart in front of my classmates and teachers. If your teachers see that you put in the effort, they will gladly try to help you out when ever you are in trouble or do not understand something. The best way to learn is to put your best foot forward. You can also make a game with you and your buddies and provide index cards with information that will be coming up in the next semester. I use to make board games with my friends and we would see who could get the highest score. Also, help out your parents whenever you can because they work hard for you everyday and wish you to succeed!

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