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Recently I had a student ask me "how do I know if my design is just too much for the site i am building?" My response to this was simple. If you have lost the vision of your message you are trying to portray then you need to dial it down.  Sure that is the simple answer right?  Actually to me it is the best answer.  Right no simple is more or at least this is the trend "Flat Designs".  So what if you do not like a flat design and you want something with more pop?  Well you can go as big as you want as long as you do not miss out on the message. The website you are working on is one of the biggest marketing investments a company can make. It has to function, portray a message to grab a clients attention and be easy to follow and understand.  Sounds complex right?  Well not really the whole Idea is to turn visitors into Clicks and conversions.  So if the site has great meaningful content but is simple you will get conversions... read more

I combined eight subjects to complete a home-shopping website to post online. If you are a business, creative design, or writing student, you may wish to approach your professors to ask if they would give you credit for this website that you create by using the skills you learn from me and utilizing the subjects above. You will be provided with a template that may take you independently too long a time to get ready for your class. Your lessons with me will enable you to focus while co-piloting until you are ready to pilot the craft. I have already completed the entirety of steps (at least four lessons worth and maybe more) that it takes to get your novelties ideas open on the web. You can get ideas from your courses and incorporate them into the business at hand. Ask about it. The price for these lessons are higher than my normal rate and is $50.00 an hour.

Welcome to my WyzAnt Blog! In this post I am sharing additional feedback received by professionals with whom I worked in the past. “Working with Mr. Rodriguez was quite enjoyable. He was professional at all times and his work with the students was unmatched at the time by anyone else here. His knowledge was reflected in how the students embraced him. He was here every day even when the students were not. I highly recommend Mr. Rodriguez because he embodies what an Instructor should be.” -- February 18, 2011 Christopher J., Help Desk Supervisor, Remington College “Abnel is a talented teacher who is willing to give his time and expertise freely to his Students and fellow Instructors. When I started at Remington, Abnel graciously showed me how to take full advantage of the teaching tools available at the college. He saved me many hours of potentially frustrating work. He is very enthusiastic, energetic, and organized in everything he does. I miss his passion around the... read more

In the old days, speed was a top issue on the creations of web pages. Nowadays, you probably heard someone saying, speed is not an issue anymore. The reason is because computers are more powerful and most people have access to high speed Internet. But the reality is that speed is still a major issue on delivering your web pages. Application are also bigger, multimedia is the new standard, and bandwidth is limited. Besides, many web applications make use of frameworks, libraries, and APIs which makes the whole process slower. Most applications nowadays make use of cashing and use client programming. Client programing means that a great deal of the execution of the program are going to be executed from the client or the user. In this case, the user computer is the one processing the programs. Sure, not all the programming is client side, but rather a combination of both client and server. The maximum size for a web image used to be 14k, and the highest width for pixel was 400px... read more

Web Design is more than a skill it is a complete realm were technical skills meet creativity and the result is user interactivity. It is easy to build web sites with the right software and some basic design skills. I can teach you to build complete web sites that can be posted to the world wide web featuring graphics and text as well as animation, audio and video. Every business needs a website and the miracle is that once you post on clients can find you in your community as well as everywhere in the world. That's a lot of exposure. The best quality of site is driven by a data base so you r can add forms, search the website and create user membership and records so your site will grow over time. Data base site also offer a premium user experience and the ability to manage, maintain and expand content on your site. Whether you are interested in learning web design or just need someone to build your project for you I hope you will contact me. My mission... read more

Often people have the mistaken belief that images that look great on their web site should also work well when they grab them from their site and provide them to printing service providers. Web images display very well at 72 pixels per inch (often referred to as ppi) on a computer screen but printed images on paper or other substrates work best at 240 ppi and above for various forms of inkjet printers, and 300 ppi and above for offset printing purposes. (There is a little bit of wiggle room in these suggested image resolutions, however scaling an image with correct resolution upwards beyond an approximate 10 per cent variation may potentially lead to creating degraded final output). This resolution issue is heightened when the images need to be printed larger than they appear on the web site (which is often the case as web images are usually small in width times height appearance, as well as consisting of low resolution within the file) because enlarging images doesn't increase the... read more

Something that confuses me is whether a web designer should be an artist who codes or a programmer who designs. When I went back to college to study web design more seriously, I focused on learning the code side since I felt that art and design was a natural skill I had outside of school. I have taken art classes in junior high and high school, but I've been drawing all my life and even had painting lessons for a few years before the art classes. I dabbled in graphic design early on, but never took classes in it until well into my web design courses. I do enjoy creating digital artwork, though I still enjoy creating art and crafts. I met with a student who seemed to enjoy incorporating a traditional craft look to her blog and replicating graphics that looks like fabrics and paper textures. The vintage style of these designs is something I always enjoy too. I found it very interesting to see websites that give a very traditional look. Perhaps it's my own interests in paper craft... read more

Hey everyone, hope you're all having a great summer. I wanted to put out a quick note here, about GENERAL COMPUTER tutoring or graphic design, web design, etc. using Adobe products, This is my strongest subject and I'm available during the week and weekend to help anyone understand the computer better. I know it can be daunting if you've never used one but they're wonderful machines that you'll soon be improving your school work, life, contact with friends, etc. If the need is there, think about me as a SUPERB resource. Thanks people and stay cool..lately as you know it's been boiling out!

Funny how the education world has a lot of valid claims that business methods in education just “miss the mark.” Funny how business discredits education as a sound practice with such claims that education is “continuously so inefficient or ineffective.” Over the last ten years, I have heard statements like this. Generally, these statements are made when one of these entities is imposing itself on the other. Working for both, here is what I have seen. Education is a business. The reality of new economies, imposed requirements, and an ever burgeoning budget system has exposed one of the greatest weaknesses education has – it does not run efficiently. In the last few years, we will hear about the greatest cuts we have ever seen in education. With that, education will be forced – much in the way business has been forced by a shrinking economy for hundreds of years – to evolve. So, unfortunately my dear education, if you do not embrace business principles in how you get things done,... read more

Obviously, if you are in a classroom setting, having a cell phone ringing in the middle of a lesson distracts the train of thought for both the instructor and the student. Critics who are against confiscating cell phones, iPods, and other electronics that many elementary and secondary students carry with them to school cite examples of using technology to enhance the process; however, the lack of funding and training for students and teachers to use the technology poses problems in implementing the use of technology in the classroom. What is the point of having computers if teachers do not know how to use them and there are no instructors to teach the students how to use the software? Would it make sense to provide schools with brand new iMacs preinstalled with Photoshop if there was no funding to hire instructors who know how to use and teach Photoshop? Should school districts spend money on providing every school with a cartful of software and computer accessories if there is... read more

I cannot say enough about them. I am writing about the use of these wonderful writing tools. Yes, we have used graphic organizers etc., but these writing tools have proven their worth and value in so many ways. I can talk and demonstrate my knowledge, as well as share how much I continue to cognitive learn. Using and applying these 8 maps/writing tools to the learning/editing process really works for the visual learner! :)

Tutors are special people, who take the time to share their expertise in a particular field of knowledge. A valuable tutor will work themselves 'out of work', by empowering their pupil to peruse their own knowledge. Inspiring and individual to find their strengths, and acknowledge their weaknesses in learning, will only propel that individual to success. The more we understand ourselves, the more desire knowledge of the world around us, the more confident we become. A tutor should encourage, be considerate, be tolerant, be patient, and mostly, be a listener. A tutor, who knows their student, is a tutor geared for success! Serving, Little Rock, Bryant, Benton, both Pulaski and Saline Counties! We want to encourage learning!

Over the past year of tutoring I have come to the conclusion that students need to understand why they are doing things and not just taught how. The benefits of explaining the theory behind an action are that your student will be able to leap ahead because he or she understands at a root level rather than just being able to follow a recipe. When teaching web design, I have found that it is important to cover the reasons why web standards were developed and what those standards look like in the code. When my students get that "ah ha!" moment of understanding why the tags are used, such as the DOCTYPE tag, they suddenly can comprehend more than just the codes, but the entire history of the Internet. The benefits are that they pick up the tagging and consequent testing much faster. This is important because web design methods are developing and changing at an enormously rapid rate and any budding designer has to understand standards and grow with new techniques or their... read more

This is exciting! I look forward to the opportunity to tutor for WyzAnt. A friend referred me, and it looks like it fits perfectly with what I'm looking for. I wanted to share some news of mine with you. I co-manage a popular Adobe User Group in the San Jose area that I thought you may be interested in. We meet once a month on the first Tuesday, and we give a live demo or answer questions, network, etc with like-minded industry professionals. The group is a great way to get some free education, make new friends and meet amazing people. The events are free, and are hosted at the Adobe building in San Jose. We also raffle off items such as art supplies/tools, Adobe software, and books. Our blog, has posts that over free downloads, industry news, and tutorials. I just thought I would share. Thanks for reading.

If you are taking an online course, or have homework assignments that are on your computer, I have a method where I can view your computer, with your permission, while you are online with me, and see and even control your desktop from my mouse, at no cost to you other than my time. We can talk over the phone, share desktops, as I can show you things from my desktop too, and get the session moving forward regardless of the distance between us. So if you are taking a vacation or a weekend trip and need some assistance, call me and I'll call you back for a free call, and we can work in this manner. I have done this many times in business and other categories. I haven't done it yet over an iPhone but, that's next I think. Technology is great isn't it?

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