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Greetings! I am a new tutor and would like some advice on how to get students. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be very many students out there who want or need tutoring in my area but there are an abundance of students in other areas. I am proficient with online tutoring as I have done that several times before for free with other students at my school while in college. I am unsure how to approach this problem as I have no transportation to other places. Does anyone have any ideas? Kat

Being my first WyzAnt post, I figured I'd just ponder on a fallacious belief new programmers generally have. But before that, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Jaffer, I am a student at APSU, a senior with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. I chose to become a CS major because, well, I love video games and I've always wanted to make them. That is why I really got into C# and XNA, as it makes the life of a game programmer significantly easier. I've used C, C++, Java, C#, Ruby, Fortran, Erlang, F#, VB, HTML, PHP, SQL and who really knows what else, and this is over the course of just 2 years really. So, onto the biggest fallacy a new programmer probably believes: Fallacy: Learning my first language was hard and took a long time (it usually does!). I don't want to learn another language because it will take forever. Truth: Learning a programming language is not about memorizing syntax or semantics, nor is it a test of if you can place each semicolon... read more

Hello there D.D.I. is a comprehensive online mentoring and lecturing course focusing on a month long intro and overview of many different subjects sounding commercial production art, work flow development, and personal growth and investigation. This course will cover a broad range of subjects including character design and illustration, 3D modeling and and its fundamentals, Digital Sculpting with Zbrush, photo shop basics and advanced work flow approaches, as well as an in depth look into the important of theory and its relevant to personal, and commercial biased work. All students will be directed to an online live broadcast for lectures and demos. This enables for students to work freely at there own pace while also allowing multiple attendees to participate.

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