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In this day and age of telecommuting, it should come as no surprise that tutoring can be as successful online as in person. There are many technologies available to make this possible.   A top question I get asked, is, "Is online tutoring as good as in-person?" I started teaching online in 2004; and one of the my top goals was to ensure that my courses were as good as those that I would give in the classroom. In fact, many people preferred online learning, since they would not be embarrassed in front of a class by giving incorrect answers, had ultimate flexibility in their schedule, and did not have to commute. It's a safe environment, with no one there to eavesdrop in on you; no strangers, acquaintances, nor competitors. Just us.   I've been able to tutor even the most complex subjects over the phone, even before the introduction of today's incredible technologies. Yes, I'd be discussing math and directing steps without having the benefit of visual... read more

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