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While it's always good to look back and survey your work (I recently looked back at some school projects I did in 2001-2003 and thought of all the things I would have changed if I were to do it today), the extent to which the film industry is 'rehashing' the past is a little bit different. I've heard a lot of people complain that 'we are in the era of remakes.' It's not only remakes, it's sequels to long-dead films that probably should not have a sequel. The Terminator series has about run its course, and yet there was a 4th and a 5th installment in the franchise coming. Spider-Man'was rehashed after the Tobey McGuire and James Franco trilogy for two additional films that rebooted the series, and now it's being rehashed AGAIN in 2017 (I don't know the specifics but my friend Jim is an encyclopedia of comic book knowledge). I'm also not really looking forward to the new Star Wars' films, ANOTHER film based around Wolverine from the X-Men; it's getting to the point... read more

Creating documentaries is tough--not because of the funding, the talent, the crew, the possibility of distribution or no distribution, but because of the infinite number of questions that an investigative documentary can raise. Look at Bill Maher's "Religilous." To cover the entire scope of what religious people believe, it would take an entire lifetime and millions of hours of footage. Call me crazy, but it would be hard for audience to sit through that (without a few intermissions). When examining a phenomena such as energy healing or life after death, or any of the other questions that have existed practically since humankind came into being, the temptation to go 'big' is there and the leads you may get from one interview can lead in about a billion different directions. Everyone who has had an NDE has a story to tell, and a slightly different one. Everyone also has a slightly different belief because of it. Similarly, everyone who has ever performed... read more

Hi, I have over 30 years working in the entertainment production fields, mostly in film and music and mostly in Los Angeles. I am a currently working Cinematographer, Producer, Art director and Property master.   I will periodically share some of my lessons learned and general thoughts in regards to film studies and film and video production. My comments will be in regards to fiction/narrative filmmaking unless otherwise stated.   Fundamental # 1:   Films are made in Pre-Production, not the editing room.   By completing a thorough pre-production process, your film shoot will go smoother, be less expensive, require fewer creative compromises and look more like you envisioned at the outset. "Fix it in post" is what happens when impatience, lack of pre planning and inexperience rule the day. Be smart - vet your film plans in pre-production, and to the "nth" degree, leave nothing to chance, leave no stone unturned,... read more

I will come to your house to improve your skills in the tutoring areas mentioned. All you need is the right equipment and/or software and we'll start from there. Life is too short, learn something that you have the desire to learn now. Years of experience in these fields and awards in some of these fields backup for my work. We'll start at the beginning then move along to where you see yourself being happy. I set up my tutoring to fit each students needs and aspirations. So lets get started, what are you waiting for? Check out my profile at

I have some pretty varied skills. One of them involves making movies. I took a sabbatical from education to do something that was very near and dear to my heart. It combined three things that are very important to me: family, learning, and helping others. They all came together in the film "DreamRiders." The short version is that I wanted to get closer to my estranged son so I proposed a 4,000 mile bicycle trip across America as a way to have the adventure of a lifetime and get to know one another again. I have also been impacted so greatly by stories in my life, stories in books and stories in film. I just knew that the issues we were facing as a father and son were some of the ones that many other fathers and sons struggle with. Inspired by the movie "Field of Dreams," an adventurous road trip, follow-your-dreams movie that ends up being all about a father and a son, I decided to try to make a film out of our journey. With the help of many others,... read more

How do you spend your time? Got a bucket list? Want to learn how to timesurf? It's very much BE, then Do, then Have...The culture has brainwashed everyone into thinking it is HAVE then DO then BE. Buying a tutu is not necessarily going to make you a ballerina or buying an expensive golf club is not automatically going to place you in the top ten finish of a golf tournament or having a laptop computer or website is NOT necessarily going to guarantee that you will have A+s or cash flow everyday. "Time is more important than money!" should be a maxim that you live by everyday wherever you are. I don't think cramming for any exam or test will ever work unless you apply the right attitude and right technique. "The Map Is Not the Territory!" - the 1st Neuro Linguistic Programming presupposition. One may imagine seeing your map and successfully achieving your destination by purely smart and hard work. Does anyone ever use a time... read more

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