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Chances are you’re excited about school being out for summer…I couldn’t agree more! School gets so busy towards the end of the year. Testing, sporting events, concerts and other happenings can all take a toll on your child's practice routine. Once the dust settles from the end of school year festivities, kids with a less full calendar of things to do all too often become bored and need some ideas about how to best spend their time.   If you, or your child, are interested in maintaining or increasing music performance skills from the last day of school through the first day of school the most effective approach is through facilitating time spent on task. Of course, continuing music lessons is a great start! Your child’s private music teacher is the best resource for keeping your son/daughter motivated throughout the summer months. S/he should also be able to recommend outside performance opportunities to support your child’s efforts while introducing them to other students... read more

Education does not end with Summer break nor graduation.  Education is a long-term, life-long pursuit. The mind loves the stimulated with new and exciting subjects, or input!  Students and non-students alike must maintain their minds alert, through books, dialogue, and exchange of ideas.  We live in a hyper-culture, with too much emphasis on success=equals material possessions.  Although this may be a reality, success=mental growth, thought, reflection and great perspective on life and the Human Condition.   Never stop learning, Time spent on the beach, at the desert, the mountains on great vacations must be subsidized with time spent in books, new thought, picking apart what is, challenge your thought process to grow and create. Learning is a creative mind-set.   Development of the mind needs to be your highest priority.  

Losing knowledge over the course of long vacations is a major problem facing every student. Fortunately, there are many, many ways to combat it, if you know where to look. The best resources I've found for math and science include Khan Academy and MIT lectures. For programming, Codecademy is indispensable. For languages, I recommend Duolingo. It also helps to give yourself projects. If you're curious about something, figure it out! You'd be amazed how much you retain and learn when you apply yourself under your own motivation. Remember to have fun over the summer, but don't forget that learning can be fun too!

Unless you are a "Home-schooled" student...- which in the Summer months you are unless you are attending an actual Summer School - are literally Out of the Box, the Box being the school building. This is a good thing on many levels. You've heard that change is good, well, the Summer months allow for some very significant change. In the first place, you have time now to reflect and consider what you were taught during the school-year, and for most students, time for such reflection was NOT available while you were in classes. Secondarily, you can now concentrate on the things you actually want to study and/or learn about, which is not always in the school's schedule. Staying sharp and retaining knowledge is about keeping your mind active, NOT about reviewing all the details of what you've already been taught. You'll find that quite naturally, your mind will recall facts that you've learned as you go about learning NEW things, things that interest you, things that... read more

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