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I believe that tutoring opportunities in low-income schools is one of the best ideas yet. In the state of Florida, there is a serious problem. Mathematics is being taught in a different way unlike the details provided to me and is currently not working for students. I am passionate about reaching out to my community and serving as many people as I can with my step-by-step process.

     Your local public library can be an excellent resource. Not only can children borrow books at no charge (unless the items are returned late), but they can also borrow non-fiction, educational shows on DVD. And, for emerging readers, there are "read-alongs" (books accompanied by audio CDs).  For reluctant readers, there are also books and activities created just for them. For example, in my local library, there is a program called "Paws for Reading," which is a play on words (pause and paws). This activity allows young reluctant readers to practice reading to therapy and rescue dogs in the children's activity room at our library.  It's a great hit with the kids! I absolutely love my library. I have discovered so many excellent books and movies for teaching my subjects that I always include them, along with free printable worksheets, in my lesson plans for my tutoring sessions. I call them my "teaching" books, and they...

Many of us who begin private tutoring may ask this question, should I invest in supplies? The simple answer is yes. As educators, we should always have pens, pencils, paper, dry white boards, Expo markers, a calculator (specifically a T1-83 or T1-84 when working with Geometry, Algebra 2 and Trigonometry students). In my opinion, we should always be prepared for our sessions (make sure that you know the material as well).    Now, another question tutors (especially first-timers like myself) may ask is, should we purchase books built on the criteria for a certain grade such as Common Core Math. My answer again is yes. We are preparing our students for continued success in Math (and other subjects) and to receive high standardized test scores (for those students who are a part of school districts who measure them based on their performance on these exams). I understand that these types of books can be expensive, but, they are well worth it.    If... read more

Have you ever asked your child: "How was school today?" Did you get "The Evil Eye"? Did he/she change the subject quickly?    Well, something's not right at school. Often times it's in the classroom. Want to know which class? Keep an eye on those progress reports. Or better yet, register for your school's Parent Portal, a real-time update of how your child is fairing in each of her/his classes.   Some warning signs that It's Time for Tutoring: HW completion rate is 0-50%; Low test scores or falling test scores; You used to see her/him doing HW at home but not any more;   Tutoring in fact provides students with something that many students crave while in school: Structure and Attention!   Students often get lost in the fast pace of day to day lessons, lectures and labs. Once they miss a concept, grades begin that slippery descent down hill and fast.   So catch the warning... read more

Howdy, dear readers!   If you are reading this, you probably found me through WyzAnt.  Fantastic!  WyzAnt has connected me with great students, and I'm happy to continue my partnership with WyzAnt.  What you might not know is that there are lots of ways to work with me to get the study help you need.  If you need a little help, consider on-line tutoring for 15 or 30 minutes.  If you send me the question in advance, I can offer a short tutoring session for specific inquiries.  If you are a registered WyzAnt student (with payment information on file), I can connect you to my Twitter account and my other on-line resources.  Billing can be done through WyzAnt.  Easy, right?   Academic success is as much about your habits and discipline as it is about having the right resources to help you succeed.  Let me help you by sharing my knowledge and resources.   Happy learning!    

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