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ASL Tutoring helps you to improve your signing and communication skills and comprehend ASL better.   By having ASL Tutor tutoring you, he or she will help you to practice the spelling, grammar of ASL, understanding how ASL works, understand how the classifers of signing and Deaf Culture.    ASL Grammar is something that you can get confused easily. It is S.O.V. or S.V.O. The tutor can explain to you more and hep you understand more than the class itself.    ASL Tutor can help you with homework and projects.    For the parents of Deaf children, You can rely on ASL Tutor to help them to understand their children better. Understanding the children better by using ASL to communicate with them. Understand how Deaf culture works.You, The parents, will have their children with them while learning ASL so they can use it to communicate with their children.   For the Deaf/Hard of hearing children who does not know... read more

I have been a tutor for 15 years. I have tutored students of all ages, levels, and abilities. It wasn't until I had my own child that I saw the other side of tutoring -- being the parent of a student who NEEDS a tutor. My daughter is in 3rd grade and was struggling with reading. Reading! I am an English teacher! How was my own child in need of ELA help? It was a hard pill to swallow. Did MY child need a tutor because she wasn't 100% perfect in school?   The simple answer? Yes.   Everyone could use a little assistance in something. Getting tutoring help is no different. It's nothing to be ashamed of; it's nothing to hide.   Now that I have my own child who has a tutor (not me, because we would fight like mice over cheese), I see even more clearly how a good tutor should work. I like to make the lessons fun, yet effective. Nobody wants to sit for an hour and miserable. Not the one being tutored, not the tutor.   Don't be ashamed to... read more

Have you ever asked your child: "How was school today?" Did you get "The Evil Eye"? Did he/she change the subject quickly?    Well, something's not right at school. Often times it's in the classroom. Want to know which class? Keep an eye on those progress reports. Or better yet, register for your school's Parent Portal, a real-time update of how your child is fairing in each of her/his classes.   Some warning signs that It's Time for Tutoring: HW completion rate is 0-50%; Low test scores or falling test scores; You used to see her/him doing HW at home but not any more;   Tutoring in fact provides students with something that many students crave while in school: Structure and Attention!   Students often get lost in the fast pace of day to day lessons, lectures and labs. Once they miss a concept, grades begin that slippery descent down hill and fast.   So catch the warning... read more

Tutoring with me on a regular basis is beneficial in several ways. First, the regular contact keeps me "in sync" with what you are learning and provides valuable insight to each session. Not only is it easier for me to know what to expect when I come to tutor, but also it allows me to work on deeper levels of learning. According to Benjaimin Bloom1, learning has six levels. The lowest level of learning (knowledge) is to simply recall what was immediately read or done. This level of learning can be forgotten within minutes or hours. On the other hand, the second highest level of learning developed is called "synthsis" where you can develop new types of scenarios and answer them in novel ways. When you have learned at this level it can last a lifetime! Second, our student-tutor relationship is maintained. As a tutor I value each and every student and their development. I like to know what your goals are and how I can help you achieve those goals. Without... read more

Many of the students I tutor have the skills it takes to succeed, but their confidence or motivation is low. I find that the best way to see results, for the benefit of myself, the students, and the parents, is to provide that student with the tools to understand what it feels like to succeed, and therefore to be confident. Although parents usually have the best intentions, the children may just need to hear the same advice from a peer, or a tutor. Having a new face recommending the same concepts will reinforce the idea, and the student will not resist the idea. Through hiring a tutor, the stress of overseeing a child's behavior, homework completion, peer relations, and school succeed should be alleviated. Although all skill improvement takes time, there will be guaranteed results if the tutor and student see eye-to-eye, and if the student really is motivated -- no matter how far below the surface -- then grades will improve quite quickly!

 As a classroom teacher and a tutor, I get to interact with students in many different ways. In this post, I want to highlight what I see as the tremendous benefit of tutoring over the classroom experience. Some might say that this would be obvious, that it is the 1 on 1 instruction, but I'm going to push it one step beyond that and discuss why that 1 on 1 experience is so valuable.    When a new concept is introduced, a student can feel overwhelmed, or maybe it even clicks right away. Regardless, there needs to be practice in order for that concept to truly take hold and become a part of the student's repertoire. In a classroom environment with 30 students in it, this can be the great challenge. Certainly, not every student understands the concept immediately, and the more students that are in the class, the more likely that there are still gaps in understanding. For this reason, many teachers then use a "guided practice" portion, where they... read more

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