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                  As I was packing up to leave from my volunteer position as assistant debate coach, a teacher asked me where some of my students were throughout my lesson. When I replied that they were working on other projects that had no connection to me, the teacher grunted and said that they were lazy for not coming in to practice that day. My students are very busy, seeing as how they are in a small school and are under a great deal of pressure to participate in multiple activities. In addition, many of them have home lives that are less than stellar, regardless if that is due to difficult economic situations or family issues. As a result, this teacher's comment bothered me.                     As teachers, our students are often younger than us. They simply have had less time to experience this world, with all its hardships and lessons. Individuals we teach usually... read more

Congratulations! You are someone who strives to learn and grow. The fact that you are requesting a tutor means you are someone that challenges yourself and wants to learn new things. For that, you should be proud.    A tutor/student relationship should be mutually beneficial for both. A successful tutor not only may receive a financial reward, but should also receive great personal reward from helping others learn and grow.  The student should feel comfortable to ask questions and feel the tutor really wants to see you learn and grow. When that happens, both of you are getting much more than an education. You are feeling the reward of accomplishment and success.    But at this point, you are looking for the right tutor/mentor to begin your educational support with. That can be scary since you have no idea what the person's teaching style is or what personality type they have. Initially the only thing you can do is look through various profiles... read more

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