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After over 20 years of working as a professional tutor, I have made some observations on the types of parents we work with in addition to working with their student.  I view the parents of my students as if they were "my bosses", because they need to be pleased with my services just as much as their student needs to be pleased with his/her progress. Thus, for every student, I have at least one to two supervisors watching the quality of my work (and sometimes even more, depending on ex-spouses or grandparents who are part of the schematic of payment and support).  It is beneficial to be aware of how best to work with different "types" of parents.   Surprising to me, I have noticed many times over the years that the parent who may submit many complaints or try to negotiate a different payment amount for my services is the parent who actually can afford to pay my fees and has time to bring his/her student to sessions with me.  This parent... read more

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