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Parents and students who opt to obtain tutoring early in the school year are very wise.  It enables the tutor and the student to get on the same track early on, and to work together throughout the year through the midterm and through the final exam in the course.     However, many parents and students wait until way late into the course to think about acquiring a tutor.  By then, it may be too late because of the vast amount of subject matter that needs to be reviewed, learned, and put into practice.     So, for any student who has not been outstanding in his or her performance thus far, obtaining a tutor early on is very important and makes good sense.     A parent or student does not want to end up, senior year, having to get an alternative diploma because of some class deficiency.  Get a tutor as soon as possible in the school year to ensure success, and to ensure graduation!   Judy L., Ed.S., M.Ed...

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