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Hello! I come from Spain and I am a Writer and worked as a Journalist for a variety of Media back in Spain. I also had over 10 years of Teaching experience now and then, because I love it. The most important think to start speaking a language is just trying conversation! What better way to speak it to a Spanish native? I am very good in conversation.  It is much more fun than the traditional grammar classes. Try me!

One of the best language learning secrets I learned from my college Spanish professor was to keep a "Little Black Book" or a LBB.  It sounds like fun, right?  The LBB was a pocket sized note pad that I took everywhere to record new Spanish vocabulary when I was an international student in Salamanca, Spain. Learning new words and phrases made all of the difference when understanding and speaking Spanish.    The Technique   Record                     Anytime that I came across a Spanish word that I didn't know, I wrote it in the LBB. Define            I looked up new words in a Spanish/English dictionary and recorded the definitions in my LBB. Memorize             To master these new concepts, I read through... read more

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