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General - All sessions are billed in 5-minute increments. - All sessions will be charged beginning at the scheduled start time, unless I am late, in which case, the session time will begin when I arrive and charges will be assessed accordingly. - If a session goes past the scheduled end time, you will be charged until the session is complete, in 5 minute increments. If you need a session to end “on time,” simply let me know. - If I choose to end a session early, for example, because we covered all the necessary material--or any similar event--then I will charge you for only the actual duration of the session, in 5-minute increments. - If you choose to end a session early, for any reason, you will be charged for the full scheduled session. - Unless otherwise agreed, all sessions will be schedule for 2 hours. For more explanation, see my TutorFAQs. - Sometimes, it is necessary for me to have my 6-year-old daughter with me when I tutor. She is very well-behaved... read more

As a tutor with an open mind, I like to try new ways to help my students do better in the areas they are struggling with. Sometimes we are not accommodated with the ideal "meeting one on one in person" situation; thus, both parties are in a challenging scenario where you need to choose to be flexible to continue carrying out a successful lesson. I don't turn away from helping a student, due to a simple obstacle like so. I choose to use different resources this modern age provides. I use FaceTime, Real time Google docs, and phone call sessions currently with a few of my students that are unable to always meet in person. One of my students live in a different borough while another goes to boarding school. It is really easy to get connected to help them with their needs when they need it. It also saves your money when it comes to travel expenses.   

Cancellation Policy   I allow students to cancel lessons up to 8 hours in advance, with no additional charge. Cancellations between 2-8 hours in advance will be a small $5 fee. Cancellations between 15 minutes and 2 hours before the lesson will be a $10 fee. Cancellations any later than 15 minutes than the scheduled start time of the lesson will result in a full lesson charge.   Late Policy   The lesson will be charged from the agreed start time of the lesson, even if the student is late. If the tutor is late, the lesson will not be charged until tutoring begins. (However, it is very very unusual that I am ever late!)   Travel Radius   To keep my tutoring prices down, I have chosen to tutor within a four mile travel radius, which covers a good portion of the Valencia. Some areas of Newhall and Saugus are also possible. Canyon Country is out of my radius, however many students choose to meet in a location within my... read more

Recently, I've noticed other tutors asking questions about raising rates and client retention.  Professional tutors learn how to provide this educational service and negotiate payment for services rendered.  This website is great for providing leads and helping a new tutor get started.  Attaining a level of education and specific tutor training will help beginners become effective professionals, not simply peer tutors with high GPAs.  Successfully tutoring others who achieve high marks on writing assignments and exams takes preparation and time.  This job requires more than just one hour with a student.   When I first started tutoring I did not calculate all of my travel expenses, including my time, into my hourly rate. As I quickly gained experience, I began to realize that my clients appreciate and value my willingness to drive to their homes once or twice a week.  Then gas prices began to slowly rise and I had another epiphany.  My... read more

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