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Tutoring in the areas of physical education require availability of appropriate venues for the sport. We will need an available court for either sport (tennis, basketball, etc), or area to practice basic throwing, blocking, or other skills for self-defense, field sports, etc. Please have 1-2 adequate locations in mind before contacting me, as I may not know all viable locations in your travel radius. I am able to transport you if needed via parental permission if your under 18. (Specifics) Archery: Training in this art will require an adequate safety zone area. Martial Arts: This specific tutoring will not contain object damaging/breaking. Only rudimentary tutoring in lower belt training. Please note the style in practice as there are many styles from various cultures of Asia and Africa you may be asking for assistance with.

Tutor Blog Dyspraxia The Blessing The Curse: I do not deny I am a dyspraxic in many ways it can be an asset. You see dyspraxia while it defines a set of weaknesses (fine motor skills, emotionalism, organization) it also defines a set of strengths. Those strengths first must be addressed. If you understand the strengths as an employer and as a parent of a special needs child you can understand how I as the tutor will work. If you hire me as a tutor you will see an ability to try different approaches if one is not showing progress. We are talking a fighter pilot’s approach to rapidly evolving tactical situation, versus the 8th Air Force dogged persistence to rigid plans. Dyspraxics are intuitive global learners. They see often relationships between seemingly unrelated quirks or unrelated things that are related. The skillful dyspraxic can put themselves within the mind of a student seeing the problem’s from the student’s point of view and then engineer a solution. There are... read more

Joseph here. The first day of training went great. Bob is an amazing athlete. Naturally strong, naturally willed, naturally driven. He started off a bit awkward with his coordination but ask anyone whose done track and field and it's consistent across the board, once you start thinking about your arms, they'll never match your legs. Unsurprisingly though, Bob really showed improvement throughout the lesson and his movements became a thousand times more fluid, he could feel it and I could see it. You can see it to on my videos page. Overall, I'm excited to see how much further Bob will be able to push himself as an athlete.

After setting up my first appointment with Bob, I was excited to get started. I made him a present (a DVD of long jump and high jump olympians to demonstrate the form of the sport). I was excited. I told him to meet at a park and gave him the address. Ironically, the address I gave him was to the fieldhouse and I waited at the track. So, word to the wise, for all tutors and tutees, when making a meeting appointment, please be very clear on the time and the place. Specificity is your friend.

Hi! I love learning and teaching others to learn. Education is very important in leading a fulfilling life. I have experience in tutoring elementary school children as well as college students. While in college at Oklahoma State University I developed very efficient and effective study habits. I wasn't a great test taker but with effective studying and applying myself in class I graduated with a 3.094. I have strengths in reading, writing, grammar, sociology, psychology, american history, computer programs and track & field. Please consider in letting me help you overcome any educational obstacles.

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