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I've been an educator for nearly 20 years, first as a high school history and language teacher, and now more than ten years as a private tutor and study coach. I have spent thousands of hours, one-on-one, with students in middle school, high school, and college, and I have zeroed in on some simple and concrete strategies for helping them manage their independent studies. As schools begin to close down for extended periods, sometimes moving to remote instruction, a great portion of the responsibility for learning is now in the students' hands. Self-management will be crucial in making these studies effective, and I believe the strategies below will prove useful. So without further ado - How To Succeed In School Without Teachers (Or A School)   Creating a plan that is SPECIFIC is key. Sit down, and on paper or screen answer these questions: WHEN will I do my work? First, sketch out a broad plan for the coming week using Google calendar... read more

I talk to a lot of people who struggle to bring sanity to their schedules. Time management is one of those areas in life where we can become very ingrained in our patterns of thought and behavior, like King Arthur's thoughts at the very end of The Once and Future King. He sits in his war pavilion, having lost two battles, his round table, and the people closest to him. Struggling to make sense of his life and the ways that he has failed to create a just kingdom, Arthur's "exhausted brain slipped into its accustomed circles: the withered paths, like those of the donkey in the treadmill, round which he had plodded many thousand times in vain." Figuring out how to be productive in your work, while also managing to grab breakfast, read the news, do your yoga, and spend time with your friends may not be as earth-shattering as the old king's noble ambitions--but persistently feeling behind, haunted by the idea that you "should" be able to do more, or paralyzed... read more

As a Wyzant tutor, it's important to budget your time between all of your commitments. Mathematics is a very tough subject, and many people have a tough time with it. I also teach high school, so there are many demands on my time. I have found that I can help all the students who need tutoring through Wyzant as well as tend to my duties as a high school teacher by carefully balancing each job through compartmentalizing each duty. I only tutor on weekends for Wyzant, which leaves me free through the week to attend my duties at my high school.

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