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If your son or daughter is complaining of bordom,bring them to the library! At the end of the school year,many public libraries have Summer reading programs.In some cases they include: reading contests with prizes, author appearances and even book character dressup contests. Many libraries offer programs for older students as well, such as bookclubs.  Help to ppreserve your child's educational gails last year and possibly, help them to get ahead. Parents might be tempted to see these programs as just an opportunity to get them out of the house for a few hours. But they also serve to support your child's education. When you pick them up in the afternoon, remember to ASK QuESTIONS about what they did and learned. This helps them process the day, and keeps you informed and involved.Another benefit of reading circles in the library is, the friendships your child will undoubtedly develop, that likely will tranfer to the next school year. (For those who read my previous post about Summer... read more

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