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It is hard to believe that 2013 is almost over!  This year has been tremendous for successfully achieving goals, reaching milestones and creating new areas to develop.  Everyone has worked hard.   As I review and reflect on this year that will soon be behind us, I need to put the Families and Students that I have worked with at the top of my list for what I am Thankful for.  Your success has also been my success.  Some of you I will see in the bright new year that is before us, and some of you have moved on to continue the path that has been set for you.     Godspeed to all of you, I know your future is bright and the world is a much better place for having your intelligence and determination in it!   As this wonderful season begins, remember the kindness of all that have been extended to you, and treat others with kindness and respect.   Oh and of your homework,... read more

I remember the moment clearly even now: Mrs S., brandishing the loose-leaf pages in front of my fourth-grade classroom, her wild-eyed look at odds with her precise hair and immaculate apple-printed skirt. I remember how I had quietly slipped the papers into tray of finished homework, how I had felt somehow embarrassed by the inked words. I remember her words: "Julie is going to be a famous writer someday!" And I remember the feeling: elation, pride, and a stark wonder that someone believed in me this much.   Now, years later--after a college degree in Creative Writing and a few published pieces in literary journals--I think back on the powerful impact that Mrs. S. had on my writing. I was an extraordinarily shy student. English had been my second language, and I had been shuffled through ESL classes all throughout my early elementary school years. But for me, English was not a hardship—it was a refuge. I lost myself in books, and found myself in paper and pen... read more

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