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Sharpening our tennis skills is important for progress, practicing against a board is one of the best things that we can do for our game. The board works great for overhead practice as well. Make sure that your toss is in the right place and do not worry about how fast the ball is going. Focus on getting the racket back in the scratch your back position, and keep your left arm up your head does not drop to soon. A good knee bend and keep your eye on the ball. A good shoulder and hip rotation into the ball. These components will help improve the overhead. 

Tutoring in the areas of physical education require availability of appropriate venues for the sport. We will need an available court for either sport (tennis, basketball, etc), or area to practice basic throwing, blocking, or other skills for self-defense, field sports, etc. Please have 1-2 adequate locations in mind before contacting me, as I may not know all viable locations in your travel radius. I am able to transport you if needed via parental permission if your under 18. (Specifics) Archery: Training in this art will require an adequate safety zone area. Martial Arts: This specific tutoring will not contain object damaging/breaking. Only rudimentary tutoring in lower belt training. Please note the style in practice as there are many styles from various cultures of Asia and Africa you may be asking for assistance with.

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